My Story

    Hello, I am Kendra. I am a mother of 4 and Gram to 3. I grew up in church but as I grew into my teens and 20's lost sight of the importance of having God as a staple in my home. I was a stay at home mom of 4 and my husband did concrete, as the concrete work diminished so did our bank account. We were in a bad place and had no where to turn.
We had no idea but God had a plan for us. Ben had reconnected with a family from his childhood. They had talked for a couple months and knew our situation. He was a pastor of a church that was adding on to their small country church. They offered Ben the work if he could get to Texas. It was just work not an actual job but it was an income, which we really needed. So Ben sold enough fire to get me money to get by and and to get him to Texas. And on a leap of faith I followed him on google maps on my computer and directed him to Southeastern Texas. He was gone for a few weeks and one of members of the church offered him a full time job. We made a quick decision to sale everything we owned and move our family to Texas. The rest of us had never been and we didn't know anyone in Texas. To say we were scared was an understatement but what did we have to loose. 
We started attending the small country church that Ben helped build. God knew we needed him and our family needed to learn to depend on each other. He taught so many lessons and family grew strong and close. 
We were only there for a few years before we came back home to Colorado to be closer to our families but we will never forget how God made it all possible for us.
We struggle to find a church here in Colorado that fulfills us the way the one in Texas did. But I try to stay in God's word daily. I pray that we will find a church that feels like home again.
As a stay at home mom I wanted to help out financially and I have always been crafty, so I started my own business building pallet signs. Things have changed and evolved into what it is today. I am spreading my faith and love for Jesus through apparel and home decor.